Domonek Hyde

Instructional video

Sweet BBQ Sauce

Ketchup- 2cups
Mustard-1/3 cupexternal image images.jpeg
Chopped garlic-2teaspoons
Chopped onions1/4 cup
Brown sugar-2tablespoons
Hot sauce-dash
Worcestshire sauce-dash
Black pepper-pinch
Preparation: Mix all ingredients. Then cook low, simmer and stir continuously

The Rub

½ cup paprika
1/3 cup brown sugar
3 tablespoon garlic powder
2 tablespoon onion
2 tablespoon oregano
2 tablespoon salt

Preparation: Combine all ingredient

s and mix well. Rub the whole brisket in the rub.

The Brisket


With BBQ sauce and rub made. Before the brisket reach the smoker, the rub must be already on the brisket. The smoker needs to be at 225 degrees. Then the brisket should cook for 6 hours. Before removing the meat it should be at 180 degrees.

Mterials: Aluminum pan